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Whats New?

Little Update 

Hey Everyone! I'm so thrilled about this album launch! Making it was an absolute JOY! Now I've been ironing out the details and here they are you curious cats!


SO here is what is UP: 

Three singles will be released before the album launches on Dec. 21st along with two music videos. 

 Today Nightingale Coma went live - making this video was so much fun! Check it out here: 

If you are using Spotify you can pre-save the release of the album here: 

Pre-saving the album helps me with the algorithms so if you use Spotify, it would help me out to pre-save it!


DID YOU KNOW THE ALBUM LAUNCHES ON WINTER SOLSTICE - THE LITERAL DAWN BEFORE THE AGE OF AQUARIOUS? Yeah I'm low key excited - I'm hoping to high vibe into a new era, the last time the stars looked like this is was the 1400's - everyone was all turned around from the plague - the dark middle ages- and then the early renaissance happened! So I'm hoping we can have our own renaissance - get it.....confiné be born. 🤯 Setting BIG intentions for love, peace, equality and MORE MUSIC.

Big love y'all


-Katie Kraw